Our Story


Architect Paul Konstant originally created the firm, Konstant Architecture & Planning with the intent to create beautiful structures that are rooted in the value of form and function. It wasn’t long before Paul realized his desire to have the interiors of his projects exude as much architectural significance as there exterior. Paul created his interiors group in 2010 with the idea that all interior and exterior materials, finishes, and fixtures work to achieve a cohesive and natural design.  With such success, in 2015, Paul put his interior division under its own LLC, Konstant Home, so it could fully operate as an interiors firm.   

Today, Konstant Home provides a full range of interior design services for projects throughout the country. With the same underlying emphasis on smart design, we create timeless spaces that you and your family can live and grow in.  

At Konstant Home, we believe your home should fit your lifestyle and the most successful design is one that created through a process of great collaboration. It is our job to address your ideas, needs, and concerns in every aspect of design. Whether it’s from the fabric we choose to upholster a chair in to where that chair will sit in your living room, we present materials and designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but meet the functional requirements of our client.